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"Before working out with Andrea my experience with exercise had always been extreme fits and starts, followed by discomfort, soreness, and injury.  The idea of slow, steady, consistent strength building struck me as truly a personal impossibility.  Trust and attentive care were the two qualities Andrea as a trainer most satisfied for me as her client, trust that what she was asking me to do would work to meet my goals and care that if we worked out at my level, and just slightly beyond, I would be energized, healthy, and eager to work out again.  And I'll be damned if it didn't work!!  Best personal trainer in the Hudson Valley."

- Jared F


I have to let everyone know that training with Andrea REALLY WORKS. I spent five days down in DisneyWorld last week with my son and two cousins. I was the oldest one there but had no problem keeping up with the younger people. In fact, except for my son who is only 31, I had more energy then the others. We were out from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM almost every day and we walked everywhere. I had absolutely no problem even though it was warm and a bit muggy the entire time. If you know anything about DisneyWorld you are aware of the amount of walking you need to do to get around all four of the parks. And I felt great doing it. Thanks Andrea for all your hard work with me!


- Judy G.